indian decoration

Best Exciting Ways To Enjoy Your Indian Holidays

In the event that you need to get a sight of immaculate occasion and tourism in Asia, you must visit India which is considered as the most well-known visitor end

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Book Flight Tickets to Toronto for a Fun Trip

Toronto is a densely populated city and is the province capital of Ontario, Canada. Every year, millions of people from around the world come to this dazzling city to spend

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Sri Lanka Travel Guide Top Attractions 1

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Top Attractions

Sri Lanka is an island in South Asia off the tip of southeastern India in the Indian Ocean which became independent of the British in 1942 and was known as

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Pleasure of Biking Around UK

Biking is an adventure that is undertaken by most people for different purposes. Ideally, people go out to cycle to keep their bodies physically fit, others for pleasure with fellow

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Boutique the Anilife Hotel

Iskenderun, Travel Ideas to Make Your Journey Memorable

Obtaining a Turkish e-visa and flying straight to Iskenderun will give you the best travel ideas that can make your journey memorable while in Turkey. Known as a Mediterranean city

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Travel chaos after major floods

You may have seen the new on the floods in England the past few days well they have caused travel chaos two major railways have to be closed down East

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Business travel increasing in 2013 according to GBTA

Yes business travel in Europe will increase in 2013 after 2012 downfall says Global Business Travel Association. UK will be spending by 4 per cent to $42.1 billion (£27 billion)

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Star Wars Stormtrooper bike built by fan

A designer by trade, Max decided to start the bike as a tribute to George Lucas and Star Wars. He’d previously built a custom Felt Ghost Rider, which can be

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Wilmington woman ‘not surprised’ by fatal dirt bike accident

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A fatal dirt bike accident near downtown Wilmington has one woman saying she’s not so surprised. The accident happened at the intersection of 5th and Dawson

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Disability Somerset exhibition next week

ASSISTANCE dog demonstrations, mobility equipment, adapted vehicles and wheelchair dancing will all be on display at the Disability Somerset exhibition next week. Disability Somerset is the region’s largest independent living

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